Even #Covid19 shouldn’t stop you from celebrating your mother this season.

Please Watch, Share and make your Mother feel super special today. Happy Mother’s Day from all of us at Africouture Media Tv

Watch Below:

Letter to Mum

Dear Mother.

It’s me, your child.
The one you carried in your womb and held in your arms.
It’s me whose love lives in your heart and shine in your eyes.
Your child who gave you sleepless nights but seeing me sleep left you refreshed still.
The child who has hurt you several times but still strive to make you proud.
The child who as a toddler threw tantrums
Who as a teenager rolled their eyes at you.
The unwavering strength you have, or that’s what you made me see.
The times your heart jumped to your throat when I fall.
I saw your fear then.
The iron hand that held me and set me on a straight path.
That same hands became wool when I come home bruised from the hands life dealt me with.
Thank you for the times you ate next to nothing so I could be filled.
The times you played silly games with me so I could have some fun.
Thank you for being my safety net because I know you will always be there to catch me.
Thank you for choosing me over and over again.


Africouture Media (Tv) 
Produced by Segun Toriola
Shot & Edited by Segun Toriola
Written By Abiodun Junaid
Voiced & Acted by Moruf Lateefat (Teephar)
Production Assistants: Adedeji Odunayo | Adegboyega Martins
Sound Track: Asa – So Beautiful

Checkout snapshots from the video below:



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