Alte Sounds


1. THE ARTISTE shall, in performing his/her duties and obligations herein, ensure that good faith is maintained.

2. In exercising his/her obligations under this Agreement, THE ARTISTE shall:

(a) protect and promote ALTE SOUNDS’ interests;

3. An Artiste or THE ARTISTE can become ‘Artiste of the Month’ based on top votes from random fans and website visitors: Provided that no artiste can become ‘Artiste of the Month’ more than two (2) times in a year.

7. ALTE SOUNDS reserves the right at all times to use in anyway whatsoever any and all such information, data, details, records, materials, musical/video products supplied by THE ARTISTE for any purpose whatsoever as it  deems fit.

  • Artiste must sing Alternative songs
  • All songs to be submitted on Alte Sounds’ platform must be originally owned by the artiste
  • Artiste’s social media platforms (instagram to be precise) must be higly engaging.